Thursday, November 11, 2010

<>tag from iday<>

1.Name 1 person who made u laugh last nite 
 zikry halifi

2.What were u doing 1 hour ago? 
watching mari-menari..

3.what was the last thing u said out loud? 

4.where's the next place you're going to? 
my bedro0m..

5.what was the last thing u paid for? 

6.where were you last nite? 
my along house

7.what's the best ice-cream flavour? 
musti lar vanilla.. u wanna cut your hair? 
i already cutting my hair.. u love to 'melatah'? 
nope...but sometimes ade la kot..

10.if that so(melatah), what will u said out loud?
 'oi mak hang jatuh'..haha

11.what does the last text-msg receive say? 
haha muah.tomey..

12.will u get married in the future? 
 of coz la..but not yet la..i have to finish my study first..then i will think about it..maybe in 4 or 5 years lagi kot..huhu

13.Do u chew on your straw? 
nope..i dont like it! u make ur own words? 
 hmmmmmmmmmmmmm there anyone u like/love right now? 
 yup!!!love u so muchhhhh..muahhh

ila , kak awehusnakyraina


iday said...

i like to chew on my straw!!


shieda said...